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The accurate calibration of your load moment indicator is a critical safety requirement. Over time LMIs can and do loose their accuracy. Most have built in adjustments that can be altered to bring the LMI back into specification.

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The mobile crane code of practice states that all cranes are subject to a prescriptive 10 and 25 year inspection. Overseen by an engineer this inspection it a thorough check of components not accessible during an annual inspection.

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CMQ has experience on most LMI systems and with our support network can get the necessary information to bring your LMI back into tolerance. If this canít be achieved we will provide options on replacement systems† for you to consider.

CMQ has completed a number of 10 and 25 year overhauls. Our staff know what is required and we are happy to work with your engineer or we can contract one on your behalf. You will receive a full written report on the work completed